Repairing dents and scratchesRepairing dents and scratches

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Repairing dents and scratches

I have three teenage children, so our second car is constantly getting scratched and dents. I can't take it in every week to get repaired so I need to have a good relationship with my local auto body repairer. They know me really well, and they give me some little decant pots so I can at least do some small repairs at home to make sure the car body doesn't get damaged while I'm waiting to get into the auto painters. This blog is all about avoiding car damage when there isn't time to get small dents and scratches repaired.

Sandblasting vs. Hand Sanding: Which is the Best Paint-Stripping Technique?

Achieving the perfect paint job on your car goes beyond choosing high-quality paint for the work. You also need to prepare your car frame by stripping old paint and creating a smooth surface for the new coat. There are two common ways of removing old paint from your car: hand sanding and sandblasting. Hand sanding involves the use of sandpaper to strip old car paint. On the other hand, sandblasting involves blasting abrasives such as sand, glass and plastic beads at high speeds to remove paint from the surface of the car. Read More 

How to Tell If Your Truck Engine Needs a Rebuild

If you own a fleet of long-distance trucks, then you know only too well how important it is to keep up with maintenance. These are expensive assets, and you've got to get a good return on your investment, so they will need to be on the road as much as possible. You may have a proactive maintenance schedule in place already and try to replace any parts before they actually fail. Read More 

Why You Need to Take Your Car to a Professional Painter

There are different ways you can modify a car and make it look as good as new. Auto body repair shops specialise in body work, which includes repairing scratches, scuffs, sandblasting, spray painting and dents as well as repairs to the bodies of vehicles damaged by collisions. The most popular way to change the look of the car is by painting it a different colour. Some people like to do it themselves, but it is more advisable to leave the process to a professional car body painter and here are some of the reasons why: Read More