Repairing dents and scratchesRepairing dents and scratches

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Repairing dents and scratches

I have three teenage children, so our second car is constantly getting scratched and dents. I can't take it in every week to get repaired so I need to have a good relationship with my local auto body repairer. They know me really well, and they give me some little decant pots so I can at least do some small repairs at home to make sure the car body doesn't get damaged while I'm waiting to get into the auto painters. This blog is all about avoiding car damage when there isn't time to get small dents and scratches repaired.

Affordable Options for Your Car Smash Repairs

After an accident, your car is bound to experience and sustain considerable damage depending on whether the accident was minor or major. Smash repairs are those replacements or renovations that your car must undergo after an accident. These services are done on both the interiors and exteriors of your car.

Before your car is subjected to any smash repairs, the technician or dealer is supposed to communicate with and get approval from your insurance company depending on the type of your car smash repair cover. The process of repairing your vehicle commences once your insurance company has accepted and approved your claim. There are several smash repair options that you can sample and make do with depending on your circumstance and the degree of damage sustained by your automobile. Among the most common of these include the following:

Full Smash Repairs

These smash repairs are applied to restore your automobile to the original pre-accident state. The manufacturer of your vehicle is supposed to provide original replacement parts to ensure that your vehicle gets the exact parts that it had before the accident happened. Highly skilled personnel and high precision tools and equipment are used to give the vehicle the fullest and the most comprehensive repairs as possible. After thorough replacement of broken and damaged parts, the vehicle is given panel beating as well as spray painting. This is the most expensive and the most effective smash repairs option.

Smash Repairs by Insurance Company

This is agreed upon by the insurer of your vehicle according to the value of your vehicle. The parts for replacements in this case need not be new or sourced directly from the manufacturer. Recycled, second hand and third-party manufactured parts can be used to restore the vehicle to working condition. If you do not wish to incur additional costs beyond the settlement by the insurance company, this is the best option for your smash repairs.

Alternative Cost-Effective Smash Repairs

If your vehicle was old and you do not care much about the exterior décor, alternative cost-effective smash repairs will work best for you.  This is where you repair your car with as little amount of money as possible. You can recycle replacement parts, use old ones or recondition them to function properly. This only caters for functionality with little regard for aesthetics. This is the cheapest of all smash repairs and most suitable for low-income earners and those with little regard for beauty. In any case, an old car is only as sleek as the owner determines.