Repairing dents and scratchesRepairing dents and scratches

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Repairing dents and scratches

I have three teenage children, so our second car is constantly getting scratched and dents. I can't take it in every week to get repaired so I need to have a good relationship with my local auto body repairer. They know me really well, and they give me some little decant pots so I can at least do some small repairs at home to make sure the car body doesn't get damaged while I'm waiting to get into the auto painters. This blog is all about avoiding car damage when there isn't time to get small dents and scratches repaired.

Spray Painting FAQs

Every driver would want to get heads turning when they take their car out for a drive. A good paint job can easily improve your vehicle's appeal. Nevertheless, most car owners underestimate the need to repaint their cars. Below are some spray painting FAQs to help you comprehend its benefits and how to spray paint your vehicle. 

When Does Your Car Need Spray Painting? 

Over time, UV rays and harmful elements will cause your car paint to fade or chip. The vehicle usually has uneven paint shades and lacks a glossy and shiny appearance. In this case, the car needs a fresh coat of paint to restore its original appearance. The vehicle could also need spray painting work after an accident or when you replace some of the panels. In other cases, you could change the vehicle's colour to suit your preferences. 

How Do You Choose Car Paint? 

Your vehicle's colour code is inscribed on the frame or engine bay. Typically, car paint shops use this code to ensure the paint provided matches the original paint on your car. Nevertheless, there are different qualities of car paints. Single-stage car paints comprise urethane and enamel paints. They contain the base and top coat mixed into a single can. The primary benefit of these paints is that they are easy to use since you do not need a base or clear coat. Two-stage paints require you to apply a base coat on top of a primer. You then spray paint the vehicle and apply a clear coat. Regardless of the paint you purchase, conduct due diligence to ensure the paint is of high quality. You might also want to change the paint colour. In this case, conduct a thorough assessment to establish what colour suits your car. For instance, you might choose a colour that matches your personality. You could also choose a colour that speaks volumes about your vehicle's history. For example, some classic and race car models are renowned for specific colour schemes and body decals. 

How Do You Choose A Spray Painting Garage? 

Conduct thorough investigations to find a garage with experienced professionals and the equipment needed to repaint your vehicle. Consult other enthusiasts and check social media and internet reviews to determine the work quality of the various body shops in your locality. If possible, consider auto shops that offer advanced services such as blast sanding, rust treatment and powder coating. Moreover, inquire about the spray painting protocols to ensure the mechanics understand how to prepare the vehicle for spray painting. Remember to ask for guarantees and negotiate the costs.